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fostering intelligent applications

Intelligent application design, development, and mondernization services to usher in the world of tomorrow.

Holistic Design

Modern application design services tailored to challenge the status quo. FosterX's unique design journey allows clients to navigate through a holistic suite of service and considerations to create a ready to execute application blueprint.  From UI/UX design, to modern infrastructure and tech stack assessment/selection, clients partner with FosterX to bring ideas to fruition.


FosterX brings modern and highly-intelligent applications to reality using the latest in  platforms, tools, and processes. By weaving next-generation digital technologies into the fabric of applications we craft, FosterX ensures delivery of business value in the form of intelligent processes, next-generation functionality, and deeply immersive user experiences.

Scaling & Expansion

Whether organization-centric or serving a global audience, partner with FosterX to ensure your applications scale to the meet the demands of your business, clients and end-users.  Leveraging the latest in cloud technology, FosterX offers highly intelligent, elastic, and on-demand application scaling and expansion services to ensure success in the long haul.

App Modernization

Re-imagining your applications from the ground up with intelligent capabilities in mind. Clients partner with FosterX to take legacy, monolitic systems and applications, and transform them with the latest in modern application technology and trends, including cloud, AI, and machine learning.

App Managed Services

Get the most out of your application portfolio via FosterX's end-to-end application managed services.  From application and database management and administration, to on-going monitoring and support at the infrastructure layer, FosterX ensures applications are running optimally to allow clients to maximize their investments.

DevSecOps Enablement

Foster quicker innovation and responsiveness to business needs by implementing and instilling DevSecOps practices within your organization.  From automating the software delivery process to adopting the latest in DevSecOps tools and skills, partner with FosterX to elevate and transform your delivery method.

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client story

When an asset management firm wanted to explore the boundaries of innovation, they turned to FosterX to build a next-generation immutable blockchain solution.

Fostering innovation