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fostering cloud

A unique, process driven approach to elevate our clients beyond the cloud.  FosterX offers a holistic suite of cloud services:

cloud strategy

Merging lean-startup, born-in-the-Cloud mindset to drive modern and efficient cloud architecture, FosterX master architects partner deeply in laying out tactical outcomes to feed your most important goals

cloud migration readiness 

Industry leading “true” migration readiness at a granular application level, with migration planning and training for your teams. Innovation is built into our analysis, to drive what’s possible in the Cloud. Not just moving old problems.

building foundations

Automation used to build and/or uplift your existing Cloud environments derived by leveraging advanced Security and DevOps practices

mass migration

Targeted mass migration where it matters; driving speed and scale in a deeply secure and automated way. Innovation spurs feed migration activities, to loop in advanced current and FosterX industry learnings.


During migration or shortly after, advancing the technology product to take the best Cloud has to offer and drive down costs, increase resilience, and strengthen security postures.

cloud native

Step away from servers to next generation serverless technology, and lean on AI/ML to drive amazing customer experiences.

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client story

When competition sparked the need to innovate, a global financial services firm relied on FosterX to lead the way in creating a competitive edge.

Fostering cloud