Why Optimize?

Getting to the cloud is one thing; harnessing the cloud's full potential is another. For organizations seeking to lower cloud consumption costs, improve services, become DevOps-centric, and extend cloud values deep within their organization, optimization is a must.

An on-going loop. Not a destination.

The start of the optimization phase is typically marked by an organization successfully migrating workloads to the cloud. For forward-thinking organizations focused on continued innovation, the optimization phase is well understood and treated as an absolute necessity. As a natural stepping stone post-migration, organizations should objectively evaluate how they are functioning in the cloud to identify and implement various improvements and best-practices. Optimization is an on-going loop, not a destination.

Keep the thrusters on.

From cloud cost reduction, to rearchitecting application workloads, to leveling up an organization's workforce via DevOps best practices, there are a plethora of areas ripe for optimization and modernization. The optimization phase can be envisioned as an iterative loop comprised of four key areas that organizations should regularly revisit: assessment of how cloud is being leveraged and consumed, identification of inefficiencies, implementation of cloud optimization initiatives, and maintenance of the optimized state.

What can be optimized?

Cost Optimization

Reducing and optimizing costs are not new challenges for the IT world. With the cloud, organizations can finally realize those benefits. Cloud providers are frequently releasing new features and services, including various discounting and consumption-based models that organizations should evaluate for efficacy.

Environment Management & Provisioning

Organizations are challenged to continuously improve the service delivery model for provisioning, change control, and managing cloud environments. Cloud providers are frequently releasing new features (e.g., automation, templates) and services that organizations should investigate to improve the automation and repeatability of tasks while decreasing operational overhead.

Monolithic Applications

Business applications created using the traditional IT paradigm results in applications that are typically monolithic and configured for fixed/static capacity in on-premise data centers. Simply moving them to the cloud will not instantly endow them with all the dynamic features of the cloud. By re-platforming and re-architecting monolithic applications, organizations can reap the benefits of advanced cloud offerings and services.

Operating Model & Workforce

The typical technology workforce of an enterprise is well versed in developing business applications in the traditional IT framework. Organizations should eagerly adopt agile methods and DevOps practices via workforce upskilling, product and tooling adoption, and process improvement initiatives.

...and that's just scratching the surface. There's more. Way more:
serverless, microservices, containerization, auto-healing, auto-scaling, among a plethora of other optimization areas.


What if we told you AWS & Azure will fund your optimization journey?

AWS and Azure are continually releasing new cloud-based services targeted at organizations looking to modernize and optimize further. Both providers eagerly desire organizations to implement, experiment, and innovate with these cutting-edge offerings. They also understand that building the skills necessary to implement optimization initiatives can be challenging...

The great news: via the AWS and Azure consulting partner network, you have an army of consultants at your fingertips (ahem..including FosterX). The even better news: AWS and Azure are willing to let organizations optimize on their dime with up to $50,000 in funding. That's right — free money to modestly or radically transform how you operate in the cloud.


I get it.  I need to optimize.  How can FosterX help?

We understand that cloud is an on-going journey, not a destination. With this belief in mind, we partner with organizations like yours to help spearhead your unique cloud transformation journey regardless of where you stand today. While some refer to us as a modern cloud consulting firm, we like positioning ourselves as our clients' cloud mission control center. We help organizations get to and go beyond the cloud using our hyper-focused methodology, tools, and per best-practices. Don't just take our word for it. Listen to what Lululemon had to say about us:

"When we decided to embark on our cloud transformation journey, we knew to perform a simple lift-and-shift of our systems and applications was a short-term solution to our colocation data center evacuation mandate. FosterX helped us attain more profound value, beyond just getting us to the cloud, by helping us re-platform our critical applications and enabling advanced cloud services we would have undoubtedly overlooked."

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