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cloud managed services

Focused on your organization's ability to create great client experiences, we partner with you in enabling automation, continuous security, and an agile mindset.

Automation Engine

A uniquely innovative and aggressive automation offering which allows FosterX clients to reap the benefits of self-healing, high-performance, and auto-scaling technology systems.  FosterX ushers the concept of 'built to last' into the digital realm.

security & Compliance

Innovative Industry leading compliance and security solutions, don’t miss a beat in stopping attacks. Automated compliance checks keep your auditors happy; while aligning with NIST and CIS frameworks. 

cloud enabled ops

Lean on our Cloud operations crew to manage your Cloud environments, while our enablement architects up-skill your teams with workshops, labs and hands-on training.

Artificial Intelligence Augmented Services

Pairing powerful AI/ML with your service delivery drives resiliency of technology systems and enables a more accurate and effective operations team.

Managed Services Enablement Team

The only Managed Services provider enabling your teams to learn from our experience, and allow your team to take over more advanced roles. Everything we do is to create better outcomes for our partners and your clients - an enablement expert drives workshops, hands-on labs and training paths to enable your own growth into the cloud.

Funded Assessments

Leveraging Cloud provider funding running a $0 assessment of Cloud environments to continually improve on our baseline. In many instances you’re paid extra to help the funding of your own Cloud remediation or POC efforts.

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client story

To meet critical scaling demands, a leading healthcare provider leaned on FosterX to drive 24/7 global technology operations.

Fostering scale