How FosterX Can Help:

Landing Zone Design

With the large number of design choices, setting up the AWS Landing Zone Solution can take a significant amount of time, involve the configuration of multiple accounts and services, and require a deep understanding of AWS services.  FosterX partners with clients to help spearhead their cloud transformation and automation journey by bringing AWS best practices to the table at the forefront of every engagement.  Via our hyper-focused design methodology, FosterX AWS certified architects ensure all design choices and considerations have been fleshed out for a holistic end-to-end solution implementation.

Build & Implementation

Post-design, FosterX helps organizations carefully and quickly execute against their vetted Landing Zone and Account Vending Machine (AVM) backlog.  By partnering with FosterX, organizations are able to tap into our resource pool of master certified AWS cloud architects, developers, and project managers to execute and deliver on-time and on-budget. Levering best in class tools and a unique agile-driven delivery methodology, FosterX help drive solutions implementation from inception to completion.

Automation + Account Vending Machine

For organizations seeking advanced automation, FosterX enables the AWS Account Vending Machine (AVM) solution.  By doing so, organizations are able to empower their workforce by shifting the responsibility of infrastructure provisioning away from IT teams, and into the hands of application development and product teams.  By partnering with FosterX, we ensure all considerations are accounted for to ensure the Account Vending Machine product is tailored to fit the needs of your organization.

Workload Migration

Post Landing Zone deployment, FosterX partners with organizations to facilitate migration of workloads to their AWS environment.  For organizations desiring to migrate workloads from their on-premise data center(s) to the cloud, FosterX employs a unique cloud migration assessment, strategy and execution methodology.  For client's desiring to migrate workloads from existing AWS accounts to their newly implemented Landing Zone environment, FosterX offers a rapid, hyper-focused account-to-account migration service.


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Download the landing zone whitepaper for more details regarding solution considerations and implementation approach recommendations.

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Success story


When growth stagnated due to infrastructure bottlenecks, we knew it was time to shift towards cloud and automation.  FosterX helped us realize our vision.

In the warehousing and fulfillment industry, our customers are our lifeblood.  When on-premise infrastructure bottlenecks started derailing our new customer on-boarding process, it became clear that cloud and automation was a requirement for future growth.  FosterX helped us realize our vision by building and deploying the AWS Landing Zone solution tailored to our exact needs.  We have been able to go from a 30-day infrastructure provisioning cycle for net-new customers, to less than 15 minutes with advanced cloud automation.  Partnering with FosterX has been truly game changing and has allowed us to stand out from our competition.

- Director of IT, DCG Fulfillment